50 Albums you must hear before you buy a house 4.0 (6)

It is here, it is now, it is real:


25. (36) Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Déjà Vu (1970)
24. (22) The Kinks – Face to Face (1966)
23. (40) Radiohead – OK Computer (1997)
22. (*) The Beatles – The Beatles (‘White Album’) (1968)

21. (35) Talking Heads – Remain In Light (1980)
“You’re a train, man.”


25. (38) Donald Fagen – The Nightfly (1982)
24. (20) The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin (1999)
23. (17) Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Déjà Vu (1970)
22. (13) Paul McCartney & Wings – Band on the Run (1973)

21. (31) Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
“To quote the ‘musical and spiritual advisor’ credited on this album: “Far out, man.”

50 Albums you must hear before you buy a house 2.0 (9): 10-6

Red Alert for those who are about to buy a house in 2014, as it’s time for the top 10. Already bought a house and not having a clue about some of those classics below? Best wishes for the new year.


6.   Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)
7.   Genesis – Selling England by the Pound (1973)
8.   Electric Light Orchestra – Out of the Blue (1977)
9.   The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)
10. Brian Wilson – SMiLE (2004)


6. (6)    Paul Simon – Graceland (1986)
7. (15)  Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
8. (*)    Love – Forever Changes (1967)
9. (8)    Panda Bear – Person Pitch (2007)
10. (11)The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)


6. (17)  The Moody Blues – In Search of the Lost Chord (1968)
7. (*)    Fleetwood Mac – Bare Trees (1972)
8. (13)  Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)
9. (12)  Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (1971)
10. (3)  The Band – The Band (1969)

First of all hail to this year’s last new entrances in both GvZ and RKH’s lists. Bare Trees makes a spectacular entry at #7 (pushing Rumours aside from the list) while Forever Changes debuts at #8 and won’t probably be the last 1967 album near the top. DOK throws in his fourth Radiohead-album at #6, and it’s the first time we run into artists like Genesis, Paul Simon and Marvin Gaye. It will probably not be the last time for some of them, we’ll see on December 31st.

50 Albums you must hear before you buy a house 2.0 (5): 30-26

Concluding the bottom half of our lists this week with a lot of undisputed classics. Of course there’s The Dark Side of the Moon, classic among classics, appearing in the lists of both DOK and GvZ after already having conquered a spot in RKH’s selection (#38). Moreover, GvZ finally put his sixties fetish aside, presenting his first eighties and nineties albums and a brand new entry by The Rolling Stones.


26. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
27. Blind Faith – Blind Faith (1969)
28. Santana – Abraxas (1970)
29. John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band (1970)
30. Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)


26. (36)  Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)
27. (*)    Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers (1971)
28. (20)  Pink Floyd –  The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
29. (39)  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Déjà Vu (1970)
30. (34)  Radiohead – OK Computer (1997)


26. (39)  Panda Bear – Person Pitch (2007)
27. (19)  The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (1966)
28. (*)    Neil Young – After The Gold Rush (1970)
29. (*)    Cream – Disraeli Gears (1967)
30. (*)    Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (1975)

RKH also welcomes a bunch of new albums, including the first albums of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen that come around this year. Thanks to a total of eight albums this week, the seventies are the leading decade with half the albums behind us now (23/75, equally distributed among the three professors).

50 Albums you must hear before you buy a house (8): 15-11

Since the world did not explode for no reason this morning, we continue with our lists of all-time best albums. As the year approaches its end, we approach the absolute top of those lists, presenting #15-11. Mister Hofmeijer brings along his seventies record collection, while mister van Zwanendonk presents you the record that can ultimately give meaning to your dark winter weekend, Genesis’ Lamb:


11. Bob Dylan – Desire (1976)
12. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (1971)
13. Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)
14. Electric Light Orchestra – Out of the Blue  (1977)
15. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1977)


11. Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)
12. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (1975)
13. Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)
14. Brian Wilson – SMiLE (2004)
15. Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

Hofmeijer first offers Rumours, a perfect album to listen to while playing some cards, for example on the terrace of your private appartment in the middle of a Greek beach. After that we fly to the planet of joy with the Electric Light Orchestra once again (GvZ: #16) in the same year. Another album we met earlier (GvZ: #36) is Talking Heads’ masterpiece Remain In Light, an album you can talk about during a complete holiday without even playing it, can you figure.

While I’m still wondering what’s going on on #12, you can notice his second Dylan album on top. This is truly one of his favorites, as he personally brought his Desire to Poland to satisfy it right there. Well known for being a huge fan of  Blood On The Tracks, we may even expect that this is not the last Dylan album in his list.

Having a look at the other list, we meet the best friend of your headphones: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Feel free to experience the melody rollercoaster yourself while listening to the adventures of Rael, right here. The next one perfectly illustrates that the masterpieces are following one after another now; it was all worth it, Brian. In Rainbows is the third Radiohead album in this list, and was found earlier at Hofmeijer’s one  (#22). Another band delivering his third album is Pink Floyd with one of rock’s true classics. The end of this week is symbolically illustrated by the end of the Fab Four on #11, but I’m sure we’ll see them again very soon. Have a nice weekend and keep the end of the end in mind:
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

50 Albums you must hear before you buy a house (3): 40-36

Time to move on with our lists, presenting you another ten magnificent albums:


36. Songs: Ohia – The Magnolia Electric Co (2003)
37. Nirvana – MTV Unplugged in New York (1994)
38. The Smiths – The Queen is Dead (1986)
39. Panda Bear – Person Pitch (2007)
40. Lou Reed – Berlin (1973)


36. Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)
37. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – F#A# (Infinity) (1997)
38. George Harrison – All things must pass (1970)
39. Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Déjà Vu (1970)
40. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin (1969)

A great variety in genres and years this time, ranging from the origins of hard rock in 1969 (Led Zeppelin) to the highlight of psychedelic pop in 2007 (Person Pitch). No doubt we’ll notice this latter album once more while we count down towards #1. Talking about number ones, Mister van Zwanendonk’s #38 features an album that is without any doubt at the top of  album lists from various people, being an album you want everybody to listen to when putting it on. The contrary goes for Mister Hofmeijer’s #36, an album which he described as being ‘appropriate for the more intimate moments’.

More golden classics next time!