Shuffle of the week #3

This is an ode to the shuffle. How better to get a good insight in your digitized album collection than by a classic shuffle? Finally discover the albums you never got into, finally throw the ones away you will never get into and worship those classics that never grow old again. The Shuffle of this week:

1.    Lambchop – The Militant (How I Quit Smoking, 1996) [singlepic id=61 w=80 h=50 float=left]
It started with the band I can never put a style or genre on. Got the first two records of them, of which this one is the second. Started to listen to it again the past few days and I have to say I really like it. Tips about later work are welcome.

2.    dEUS – Suds & Soda (Worst Case Scenario, 1994) [singlepic id=58 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Already an all-time classic in several end-of-the-year-lists in Belgium. Hearing this album again since many years made me realize that it’s actually a very rough one comparing with their later work. Good album.

3.    Beatles – Carry That Weight (Abbey Road, 1969) [singlepic id=56 w=80 h=50 float=left]
It’s always strange and a little bit disappointing to hear this song out of its album context. Still awesome nevertheless.


4.    Buddy Holly – Rave On (single, 1958) [singlepic id=57 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Another very short song, although something completely different. That’s about it.


5.    Yes – The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (Fragile, 1971) [singlepic id=63 w=80 h=50 float=left]
And once more a short interlude, which could not have been more different from the last one. The song appeared on Yes’ fourth studio album, the first one featuring Wakeman on keys. The albums consists of some epic prog suites together with a couple of semi-solo contributions from the band members. This instrumental song was written by bass player Chris Squire, performing most parts of the song together with Bill Bruford, the later drummer of King Crimson.

6.    The Ocean – Rhyacian (Precambrian, 2007) [singlepic id=62 w=80 h=50 float=left]
The shuffle really likes to mix up things this week, continuing with an eleven minutes during piece from this Berlin experimental metal band. It appears on a double album, of which the first disc contains some real pure and rough metal, while the second one is more symphonic with contributions from members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

7.    Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (Sun Giant, 2009) [singlepic id=60 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Really one of my favorite songs of the past ten years. Brilliant.


8.    Aretha Franklin – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Lady Soul, 1968) [singlepic id=54 w=80 h=50 float=left]
One of the big hits on this huge soul album. Just like The Beatles’ ‘Chains’ which was shuffled earlier, it was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin. It was covered a gazillion times later on, even by Rod Stewart. Really Rod?

9.    Beastie Boys – Eugene’s Lament (Ill Communication, 1994) [singlepic id=55 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Another short intermezzo. Good album, not a huge fan.


10.  Dire Straits – The Man’s Too Strong (Brothers in Arms, 1985) [singlepic id=59 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Same goes in fact for this one, although I can still appreciate this song. This album was of course loaded with hits (making it one of the absolute best all-time selling albums), with this song probably being one of the least known. However, it remains the most interesting one after you get tired of the rest.

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