The explorer is the artist.

We like music. But there are several gradations of being a ‘music lover’. Maybe you are a self-declared music professor. In that case you are most likely male, in your forties or fifties and you won’t find something here which you didn’t know already. You will at best quickly check out some lists and compare it to your own ones. That’s fine. Feel free to vent your spleen whenever you want.

Maybe you are just in the middle of exploring everything that there’s out there to know about music. You hate the mainstream musical landscape of today and you are willing to explore everything that was made in the past. That and contemporary music which is not completely fucked up. In that case you can maybe pick up something new over here and even offer me something in replace.

Or maybe you don’t know much about music yet but you’re willing to introduce yourself to it. Problem is you don’t really know where to start. In that case this blog is perfectly suited for you. Every Tuesday I’ll post an album here with all the basic information about it. It’s  my blog so obviously it will be albums I personally love. You can check it out and see for yourself whether or not you like it.

It won’t be a chronological, exhaustive list of all impassable works out there you have to dig through. I will start with the ‘basics’, a concept I completely made up myself, consisting of about twenty ‘accessible’ albums from the past fifty years. The purpose is not whatsoever to say which albums are better or worse. The purpose is to give some common ground from whereon you can widen your own taste. On top, don’t hesitate to tell me (mail me, comment) what else is out there to discover.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the blog.


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