Shuffle of the week #6

This is an ode to the shuffle. How better to get a good insight in your digitized album collection than by a classic shuffle? Finally discover the albums you never got into, finally throw the ones away you will never get into and worship those classics that never grow old again. The Shuffle of this week:

1.    Tom Waits – Tango Till They’re Sore (Rain Dogs, 1985) [singlepic id=89 w=80 h=50 float=left]
We start in Café Lehmitz near the Hamburg Reeperbahn this week. That’s where the picture on the cover of this album was taken and Tom Waits is playing a dark song behind his piano in the back. If you look well through the smoke, you could see him play.

2.    The Smiths – The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (The Smiths, 1984) [singlepic id=88 w=80 h=50 float=left]
We’re staying in the eighties a little longer, going to the debut of the Smiths one year earlier. This song is characterized by Marr’s dreamy guitar riff and points me to the fact that it’s about time for a review of this album right here.

3.    Andrew Bird – Plasticities (Armchair Apocrypha, 2007) [singlepic id=81 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Listened a lot to The Swimming Hour last summer, but this third post-Bowl of Fire album still remains my favorite Bird. Still have to get the latest album.


4.    George Harrison – This Song (Thirty Three & 1/3, 1973) [singlepic id=85 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Cheerful song as there are so many on this sixth solo album from Harrison. Perfect to start a sunny spring day with.


5.    Booker T. & The MG’s – Hi Ride (Melting Pot, 1971) [singlepic id=82 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Time to stick around in the seventies now with the album that should have been introduced to me in a Greek van, cruising across the blue ocean. Unfortunately I ended up listening to it while strolling through a rainy city, but it was appreciated nonetheless.

6.    Moody Blues – Legend Of A Mind (In Search of the Lost Chord, 1968) [singlepic id=87 w=80 h=50 float=left]
For me personally hands down the best song from this band, appearing on one of my favorite albums of all time. Needless to say this was a splendid 6’40” for me, thank you shuffle. Comes with a great clip that was recorded in Brussels by the way.

7.    Golden Earring – Bombay (Naked II, 1997) [singlepic id=86 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Dutch glory on this track from the band’s second acoustic live album, released in the aftermath of MTV Unplugged. This track originates from their 1976 studio album Contraband.


8.    Guided By Voices – A Big Fan of the Pigpen (Bee Thousand, 1994) [singlepic id=66 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Another one from the album I started listening again after last time. Back then it must have sounded very good.


9. The Electric Prunes – You Never Had It Better (Underground, 1967) [singlepic id=83 w=80 h=50 float=left]
CD bonus track from the second album of this typical psychedelic late sixties band. Recommended to Airplane and 13th Floor Elevators fans, who don’t shy away from a little garage.


10. Fleetwood Mac – Sunny Side of Heaven (Bare Trees, 1972) [singlepic id=84 w=80 h=50 float=left]
Time to say goodbye with this instrumental from another all time favorite album of yours truly. Pity this is one of the more mediocre moments on the album.